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Plugins/Tools for using FCA with other software

Other Software

  • AnalyzeSkills. Matrix decomposition used for extracting skills in knowledge space theory. Written in C.
  • Cernato (commercial software) by former company NaviCon. Available via Ernst Schroeder Zentrum.
  • ConImp, Toscana, Anaconda, FCA Library, Diagram, MBA (former FCA group of the TU Darmstadt), only ConImp is still available.
  • CG-FCA Converts conceptual graph in cgif format to cxt format.
  • epi-ACE (for “examining the hierarchical data structure of small epidemiological data sets”).
  • Galoisexplorer by Sebastian Breuers ?, looks interesting, but no documentation as far as I can see.
  • GLAD (General Lattice Analysis and Design), a DOS program, available from Vincent Duquenne.
  • JaLaBA (On-line Java lattice drawing tool).
  • Jupp’s FCA (not yet released, but looks interesting, developed in Python)
  • QuDa (for data mining by P. Grigoriev, S. Yevtushenko).
  • RubyFCA
  • Scola (Shell for Contextual Logic Applications).
  • Semana (software for semantic analysis which includes an FCA tool).
  • Yacaree (association miner, not a typical FCA tool, but uses an iceberg lattice of frequent closures internally, written in Python).
  • Mutabor Software for playing music with micro tones. Not related to FCA but also a project started by Rudolf Wille (the founder of FCA).

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