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ICFCA Conferences

conference homepagesproceedingssupplem. proceedingsworkshops
ICFCA’19 Frankfurttable of contentsCristea et al Supplementary ProceedingsApplications and Tools, BigFCA
ICFCA’17 Rennestable of contentsBertet; Borchmann; Cellier; Ferre: Supplementary Proceedings (pdf)Tutorials and Poster session
ICFCA’15 Malagatable of contents?SNAFCAFCA&A
ICFCA’14 Clujtable of contentsStudia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Series Informatica, Special Issue 2Workshop for FCA Tools and Applications
ICFCA’13 Dresdentable of contentsCellier; Distel; Ganter: Contributions to the 11th International Conference on Formal Concept Analysis (pdf)Workshop for FCA Tools and Applications, Cubist
ICFCA’12 Leuventable of contentsDomenach; Ignatov; Poelmans: Contributions to ICFCA 2012, CEURCDUD, Cubist, EEML
ICFCA’11 Cyprustable of contentsValtchev; Jaeschke (eds.) 
ICFCA’10 Agadirtable of contentsBoumedjout et al: Supplementary ProceedingsFCA Software Workshop
ICFCA’09 Darmstadttable of contentsWolff, Rudolph, Ferre: Contributions to ICFCA 2009. Verlag Allg. Wissensch. (3-935924-08-9)FCA Software Workshop
ICFCA’08 Montrealtable of contents  
ICFCA’07 Clermont-Ferrandtable of contentsGely; Nourine; Kuznetsov; Schmidt: Contributions to ICFCA 2007.Obiedkov; Roth: Social Network Analysis and Conceptual Structures: Exploring Opportunities,link
ICFCA’06 Dresdentable of contentsGanter; Kwuida: Contributions to ICFCA 2006. Verlag Allg. Wissensch. (3-935924-05-4) 
ICFCA’05 Lenstable of contentsGanter; Godin; Mephu Nguifo: Supplementary Volume, Univ. d’Artois. 
ICFCA’04 Sydneytable of contents  
ICFCA’03 Darmstadt JUCS  

ICCS Conferences

conference homepagesproceedingssupplem. proceedingsworkshops
ICCS’19 Marburgtable of contents Tutorials
ICCS’18 Edinburghtable of contents co-located with Diagrams
ICCS’16 Annecytable of contentsHaemmerle; Stapleton; Faron-Zucker: Supplementary ProceedingsCSTIW
ICCS’14 Iasitable of contents  
ICCS’13 Mumbaitable of contents  
ICCS’11 Derbytable of contents CUBIST; CS-LTA; TSIR
ICCS’10 Kuchingtable of contents ESIT-BIOMEDCS-LTA ( Proceedings)
ICCS’09 Moscowtable of contentsRudolph; Dau; Kuznetsov: Leveraging Semantic Technology, CEURSENSECS-TIW (pdf), Elsewhere
ICCS’08 Toulousetable of contentsEklund; Haemmerle: Supplementary Proceedings of ICCS’08, CEURCS-TIW
ICCS’07 Sheffieldtable of contents CS-TIW (Pfeiffer; Kabbaj; Benn, Res. Press Int.)
ICCS’06 Aalborgtable of contentsHitzler; Scharfe; Ohrstrom: Inspiration and Application. Contributions to ICCS 2006, Aalborg Univ. Press, Denmark. (87-7307-768-2)CS-TIW (de Moor; Polovina; Delugach, Res. Press Int.)
ICCS’05 Kasseltable of contentsDau; Mugnier; Stumme: Common Semantics for Sharing Knowledge, Univ. Kassel. 
ICCS’04 Alabamatable of contentsPfeiffer; Wolff; Delugach: Conceptual Structures at Work, Shaker. 
ICCS’03 Dresdentable of contentsGanter; de Moor: Using Conceptual Structures, Shaker. 
ICCS’02 Borovetstable of contentsAngelova; Corbett; Priss: Foundations and Applications of Conceptual Structures, Bulgarian Acad. of Science.PORTApplications
ICCS’01 Palo Altotable of contentsMineau: Conceptual Structures: Extracting and Representing Semantics, CEURCGToolsPORT
ICCS’00 Darmstadttable of contentsStumme: Working with Conceptual Structures, Shaker 
ICCS’99 Blacksburgtable of contents  
ICCS’98 Montpelliertable of contents  
ICCS’97 Seattletable of contents  
ICCS’96 Sydneytable of contents  
ICCS’95 Santa Cruztable of contents  

CLA Conferences

conference homepagesproceedingsjournalsworkshops
CLA’18 Olomoucproceedings CEUR  
CLA’15 Clermont-Ferrandproceedings CEURIJGS 
CLA’14 Kosiceproceedings CEURDiscr App M 
CLA’13 La Rochelleproceedings CEURIJGS 45,2 
CLA’12 Malagaproceedings CEURAMAI 72,1 
CLA’11 Nancyproceedings CEURAMAI 70,1 
CLA’10 Sevilleproceedings CEURFund Inf 115,4FCA Software Interoperability Workshop
CLA’08 Olomoucproceedings CEURAMAI 59,2LBM (pdf)
CLA’07proceedings CEURIJGS 38,4 
CLA’06table of contentsIJFCS 19,2 
CLA’05proceedings CEUR  
CLA’04proceedings CEUR  

Other Conferences

conference homepagesproceedingsjournals
FCAIR’13proceedings CEUR 
FCA4AI’19proceedings CEUR 
FCA4AI’18proceedings CEUR 
FCA4AI’16proceedings CEUR 
FCA4AI’15proceedings CEUR 
FCA4AI’14proceedings CEUR 
FCA4AI’13,proceedings CEUR 
FCA4AI’12,proceedings CEUR 
Session at IPMU 2018table of contents 
CDUD’11proceedings CEUR 
GKR’17 (IJCAI)table of contents 
GKR’15 (IJCAI)table of contents 
GKR’13 (IJCAI)table of contents 
CLKDD’01 Stanfordproceedings CEURJETAI (2002)
Kruse’97 Vancouverproceedings (printed)Comp Int (1999)
FCA4KD 17 Moscow  
FCA4KD++ 17 at ISMIStable of contents 
FCAKDD (ECAI’02) LyonAdvances in FCA for KDD  
Darmstadt conferences  
Int Conf Knowl Logic Inf, 1998 Darmstadt  

Publications by Groups/People

Note: Below are links to websites with FCA papers. This is not a complete list of everybody involved in FCA (and it is no longer up to date). 


Applications of FCA

(These people have applied FCA but do not predominantly conduct research on FCA).

Edited Volumes

Phd Dissertations on FCA which were published as books:

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